Friday, April 1, 2016

HH3 in SH3land

Since SH3 are going to be in Hatyai on Saturday, HH3 are returning the favor on Sunday (3rd April) and coming to Songkhla. The run site is that which Egghead used in January on his last assault on the virgin that formerly had three tits and one assumes that hare, Robocop is also intending to use the poor dear again!
Misdirections from Songkhla are: From the Kao Seng intersection, take the old Yala road for 16k and turn right before Wat Kun Thong. Go 1k and turn right then follow the track for about 250m into the old quarry. If you are coming from Hatyai, from Tha Kham, go East past the Sai Kao Resort and at the big tree go straight on for another 2.5k and turn left (about 1k before you hit the old Yala road at Kun Thong) for 250 meters etc.
Finally, just a reminder that these are instructions to Hatyai Hash's run on Sunday. The SH3 direction for Saturday appear below. Now I'm not saying anybody is going to be confused, but it's better to be safe than sorry!

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