Wednesday, March 9, 2016

This just in: Erection results!

Well, no. Actually we had our annual erection almost two weeks ago. But with typical hash efficiency, only now are we getting around to reporting the results. So without any further ado, here is your Mismanagement Committee for 2016:

  Grand Master              Kii Ling
  On Sec                           Throbbin' Hood
  Hash Cash                    Egghead
  Hare Raiser                  Yardstick*
  Beer Butch                    R2D2
  Hash Haberdasher      Only A Yolk
  Cultural Adviser           Sex Sprinter
  Bloggenf├╝hrer               Beavershot

Within a day or three I'll put up these names and contact information on the side bar, over there with the humping dogs -->

*Yardstick also seems to have taken on the job of Beer Token Czar, and is currently trying to sort out quality control problems with the first batch of tokens.


  1. Yardstick, when you figure out the problems let me know, the batch I just made are blurred and fuzzy On On Gan Yao

  2. No problem if you can sell them for B20 each!

  3. Gan Yao have your tokens become clearer now that the effects of last Saturday's binge has worn off? If so, bring them along and we'll refund them at their base value, really.

  4. What, no Lucky! I bet that bitch is pissed!