Monday, March 14, 2016

1812 and all that

Three official runs with a number of interesting variants: The long run (cyan-red-cyan was about 6k with a total ascent of 255m and took about an hour five. The medium (cyan), which Olive Oyle made her own was about 4.9k and hit the same maximum height of 177m. The short run (cyan-green) was a mere 2.5m except for Only a Yolk and Super Pig who went off to try and find a different medium run but were eventually forced to accept that it didn't exist and returned the way they came. New runner Chris Grimes found the hill on the long run challenging and accepted the hare's invitation to take the short run home. Gan Yao and Perky did their own things - separately. But the upshot was that everybody did something - even Bung borrowed the GM's motorbike and went off to trim his tappings, or whatever it is that one does to a rubber tree.

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