Friday, March 25, 2016

Full Moon 127 - for all those who couldn't make it....

A great trail (even if I say so myself), a lovely warm evening, the moon rising over the hill tops, some great jack-fruit curry and a couple of cases of Leo on ice. Last nights full moon run had it all...except people. With the rest of the hash mysteriously otherwise engaged, attendance plumetted to a new low of 10 people - 2 hares, 2 non-runners, 4 long runners 2 short walkers and a dog, although they don't count at HFMH3! But it didn't matter much as those who made the effort bravely did their duty and more or less polished off the Leo, leaving the run site a little after 11 p.m. having put the world to rights once again.

For the record the long run was about 7k and the short run about 4k. The checks seemed to keep everyone together until about number 5 when the long runners found the trail and left before the walkers, Stick Insect and Perky and accompanying hare, Egghead, who was having difficulty finding the paper, arrived. The gap which developed was instrumental in the decision for the walkers to do justice to the efforts of virgin hare, Spotted Dick, who set the short run, rather than walking the whole long run, leaving Beavershot, Innuendo Yardstick and Buk Toy (in that order) accompanied by Mii to polish off the rest of the long run in about 1hour 20 minutes.

Footnote: It is traditional for hash names to be rendered in HH3 format when referring to Full Moon runs, since HFMH3 is after all, the daughter hash of HH3. However as this is the second month in a row when HH3 have to all intents and purposes abandoned HFMH3 to its fate (and we are counting the ever faithful Buk Toy as an SH3 runner which he most assuredly is) this might just as well be Songkhla Full Moon H3.

Granted there were also some significant absences from the Songkhla fold but if we are going to carry on holding HFMH3 runs, HH3 might like to give some consideration to actually supporting the hares, who put a lot of effort in on a very hot day to make sure that there was a trail to run and to Only a Yolk a.k.a. Moo Sahb who kept us all fed and watered as well as supplying and administering the Leo.

Come on guys! The next full moon run will be held on 12th April and will be from Egg Towers and we will be entertaining the Malaysian guests who will be joining the SH3 run on Songkran day. So let's get that date firmly into your personal organizers and make sure we have a good turnout!

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