Sunday, February 7, 2016

Run 1807

We couldn’t find any real life Canucks to join us, so we thought we would do a run in the rough shape of their royal weed.
The long run overall length was 8.2kms, which included the 2 check-backs, 5 false trails, and 13 checks, one of which was the beer stop. Amazingly this check seemed to play havock with the GM's navigational computer, probably due to a lack of beer, that caused him to find the runsite by climbing over the hill and back-tracking along the out trail. Everyone else followed paper along a nice scenic, relatively flat, trail around the base of the hill. The total ascent on the long run was about 250m, reaching a maximum height of 122m. The short run was just 2.7kms, with a total ascent of about 100m.

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