Monday, February 15, 2016

The run they couldn't short-cut; yeah, right!

What do you have to do to stop the HH3 boys from short-cutting? Easy! Set a run so close to a circle as makes no difference and put a bloody great hill in the center of it! Did it work? Nope! Sex Printer and Sex Blackman were first home having "lost paper" at the check before last and opted for a kilometer and a half of road running to end off what was a pretty flat and traily run up until then, rather then go via the paper, over the hill and home. Still, there's no accounting for taste.
The short run meanwhile gamely stuck to it, despite having only got 50% of the hare's pre-run instructions, and thus spending 15 minutes at the final 360 in a vain search for squares instead of just following the shreddy they had already found, home. Later arrivals at the check included Toa Ngoc, recently returned from foreign climes, who suffered a fainting fit and had to be coaxed back into activity by the threat from her mum of being left up at the top of the hill.
The stats department advises a hefty 8.7k for the long run including all the F's and the single X, although that wasn't enough for Stick Insect who managed to rack up 9.1k. But the total ascent was barely 200 meters and the highest point only 92m. The short run was also a little on the long side at 4.3k with a total ascent of about 110m and the same top spot as the long run.

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