Sunday, September 6, 2015

This afternoon's HH3 run

This afternoon's hare(s) have chosen a pleasant wooded hillside near a gently burbling brook which descends down a spectacular valley cut deep into the clefted hills. Aaaagh!
In your dreams, buddy. The hare is Sex Star so you can assume that there will be no quarter given as we again tackle the eastern flank of Kao Ko Hong from the run site just about accessible by turning left off of the old Hatyai road (right if you are coming from Hatyai itself) about 4k past the Nam Noi traffic lights, between the park and the golf course, recognizable by the presence of the Marlboro car detailing shop at the main road end. Never mind, it should be enough to wipe away any lingering remnants of this morning's hangover as well as sweating off last night's lipstick and false beards.
See y'all there!

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