Friday, March 21, 2014

Runs this weekend

This weeks SH3 run is a mini-outstation run in Sadao courtesy of Buk Toy and Sex Sprinter (map above). There will be two runs, the A to B, SH3 run which will be at the normal time of 4:30 p.m. and a B to C, Hatyai Full Moon H3 run which will take place pretty quickly after the end of the SH3 run. Details will become apparent tomorrow. For those intending to stay overnight, there will be a covered communal sleeping area at the main site (possibly the C site) where the aprѐs run party will take place. To accommodate this, everyone will be asked to help carry the food, beer etc from the point at which cars can be parked (possibly the A site), since the party site is not accessible by car. If you want to enjoy the comfort of your own tent you will probably have to pitch it adjacent to the car parking area as there are no suitable camping sites other than the communal sleeping area at the party site.
For the HFMH3 run, normal stuff applies: bring a handlight, and contributions of food would be very welcome. Beer will be free courtesy of SH3 and HFMH3, but if anyone wants to give the hares a birthday present the odd extra slab/bottle never goes amiss!

The HH3 run on Sunday will be in Hatyai, not Sadao. Map below. For those coming from Songkhla, take the New Hatyai road from the Ko Yo intersection for about 9k and turn left (at the bottom of the hill after the True Moves tower) then go for less than 1k and turn left by the hash sign. If coming from Hatyai, the route on the new road will involve going past the turn off for about 1.5k and doing a U turn but the run site is also accessible from the old road by turning left at Nam Noi for about 6k when the sign for the run site will be on the right.


  1. Hmm, kipping under a starry Songkhla sky with a bunch of boozed-up nutters... kind of beats holing up in a smog-filled CM where even the near-field heavenly bodies have pissed off. :o

  2. Just suck in that smog and believe me you are the lucky ona!

  3. But there again, as the pain recedes and the memory fades, I have to admire the hares for trying something different, but hope they don't do it again!

    On On (I didnt mean what I said, I will be back!) Gan Yao