Thursday, September 6, 2012

The lergy strikes and the messiah returns

The messiah or the lergy - not sure which!
This weeks misdirections are:
Songkhla H3 run #1632, Saturday September 8, 2012
Hares: Egghead and 4-legged friends
Misdirections: From the Ko Yo intersection take the old Hatyai road for 4.7k and turn left for about 10k, then turn left and follow the road bearing left after 300 meters, for 2.3k to the run site. 

What? I hear you scream, we've been cheated! We were led to expect a Gan Yao special this weekend and here we are fobbed off with another Egghead retread. 

True, true. It can't be denied but sadly the dreaded lergy has struck and Gan Yao is laid low. So look at this way, we've still got Gan Yao's run to look forward to.

On a brighter note, a much needed sign of SH3's imminent redemption has manifested itself and  the second (or is the third or fourth... not sure) coming of the dutch messiah is reliably reported to have occurred! Allelujah! Hosanna on high! Welcome back Kii Leum! 

Finally, assuming that Kii Leum hasn't raptured us all by then, Sunday's HH3 run which seems to be another sex-people venture will be from a run site on Poonakan on the right immediately before Satit Mor Or which is immediately before the conference center, or coming from Hatyai, on the left immediately after Satit Mor Or which is immediately after the conference center.

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