Sunday, September 30, 2012

Rehash of the Pre-Full Moon Mini Monster

To ensure that the attending runners were fully limbered up for the Full Moon run later in the evening, a rather shortened mini-monster courtesy of Yardstick & R2D2 was laid on, so to speak. With a relatively healthy turnout of about 30 humans, and a rather depleted pack of hounds (the canine variety) of only 3 or 4, this run was more reminicent of past glory days of the SH3 hash. We even had the pleasure of 3 new runners attending, although this was possibly a cunning scheme by Kii Leum to underwrite a dutch take-over of the Songkhla Hash.
The long run, medium run and the short run were, by general consensus, all deemed to have been of excellent quality, including sufficient hill climbing as well as plenty of good trail running. This was followed by another excellent full moon run courtesy of Sex Printer (or was it Sex Sprinter), which was run under, a sometimes, brilliant full moon.

The run statistics for all you nerds out there, which seems to be nearly everyone these days, are as follows.
For the long run: total length, including false trails, was 9.0km; total ascent was approximately 320m; max altitude, if you found the 4th false trail, was 212m, from the runsite at 65m.
For the medium run: total length was 6.8km; total ascent was approximately 203m; max altitude was 189m
For the short run: total length was 4.2km and the total ascent was approximately 100m
The short runners returned in just over an hour after setting out, and the first of the long runners coming in, in 1hour 25minutes, with everyone back within about 1hour 30mins.

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  1. Would appreciate temperature, humidity and dew point data as well. Also the location of the bear.