Thursday, June 16, 2011

A hare's lament

The next two weeks' upcoming hares, Yardo and I, both had the same reaction to last Saturday's run . . . how are we going even come close to that? Then, as if to rub it in, Egghead raised the stakes another notch the very next day, setting a figure-8 run so subtle and devious that it completely hoodwinked the hyper-competitive Sex Ao Ao, leaving him alone and whimpering in the jungle. True poetic justice.

Yes, the problem is that Egghead is working on a level of his own these days. He's spent so much time out there in the rubber (maybe more than all our other hares combined) and has set and swept so many times that he can practically set a great run in his sleep. "Run of the year," someone commented on Saturday, in an almost bored tone, as if, well, what else did we expect? Believe me, it ain't easy for us ordinary mortal hares.

Anyhow this is all by way of saying 1) Egghead rules -- many hashes would be lucky to get a run the quality of our last one once a year, and we got two in a weekend. And 2) Yardo and I are stepping up to the challenge this Saturday and next, and you ought to be there!

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