Sunday, August 26, 2018

Run 1938

A good turnout again with one new runner, Seb, and a brief return visit from Raccoon Ass ensuring our continuing existence, but also our ongoing search for hares. As usual Egghead has been filling the breach, but come on all we can't let him do it ALL the time, so please, if at all possible let him have a break from time to time. Offer to set a run now!
Back to yesterday's runs. The short run was a flattish run with no big hills, while the long run was a flattish run with just the one hill. The long run length, including the 8 "F"s and one checkback, which nobody found, totalled 7.4km and the maximum elevation was less than 200m, so all in all seemed to be enjoyed by even some of the short runners joining the long runners ranks. The short run was quite long at 4.6km and reached an elevation of almost 100m.

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