Sunday, July 1, 2018

Missed it!

...which is what most people did to run 1930. So after the heady masses of last weekend (60 hounds v 1 hare) it was back to Egghead and Harram v the hardcore (19 people, most of whom claimed anthropoid ancestors somewhere in their evolution).
For once more people opted for the long run while the short run was mostly made up of canines who arrived at the beer stop in two waves  with their human minders within about 35 minutes of the off. The long run weren't far behind with Sex Sprinter, who may have been economical with his trail etiquette (ok, he short-cut, as usual), arriving in 47 minutes, with All Black and Lot Rakaa last to arrive but only 5 minutes or so later. Everyone, including the doggy tendency then set off for the final kilometer back to the runsite, including Harram who initially decided to opt for a ride back to the run site but then realized her duty and set off to herd her conspecifics and the ape-descendants over the hill.
For the record, the long run 'all in' was 7.1k and All Black who avoided the F's measured it at 6.26k. The short run was about 3.5k and both runs got up to a high point of 90m or so just before the last F. Notable in returning was Crackwurst after an 8 month absence and Stick Insect after his week off last weekend. Gan Yao praised the hares for managing not to sully his run with paper, and was last home having avoided the beer stop again.

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