Sunday, July 8, 2018

Free the birds - Run 1931 Rehash

Due to public demand here is a picture of budgie smugglers, the apparel not the man, as modelled by past Australian PM Tony Abbot, ...and not nearly as impressive as our own Budgie Smuggler of course. Anyway thanks to Budgie Smuggler and a really impressive turnout by the Hatyai contingent, we had a relatively large attendance at the Songkhla Hash run yesterday, giving us further impetus to keep SH3 going, even if the farang contingent was rather tiny. If we can get even half as many farangs as we had Thais yesterday, at future runs, we may even make our next big goal, Run 2000 towards the end of next year. Of course having a few more people volunteering as hares, rather than the usual 2 or 3 will make this goal even easier to achieve. So come on let’s see some different hares for a change, and maybe even some “fun runs”. 
The run stats for yesterday were just under 6.0km (was that all? ..and that included all the false trails!) for the long run and just over 250m in total ascent. The short run was 4.2km with 150m ascent, although few if anyone completed the whole of the short run, possibly apart from Super Pig & Ruu Kap Jang, & our GM of course.