Thursday, June 21, 2018

HH3 900

SH3 will be taking part in the HH3 900th run celebrations this Saturday, June 23, 2018, run starts at 3:00 p.m. (or to be advised) so there will be no run in Songkhla as such but the location of the HH3 run, which is close to the Wang Pa waterfall is shown on the map above.
Some caveats:
  • The run site is at:  6.892467° 100.237799°
  • This map starts at the turn off for the Ton Na Chang Waterfall on the 4026. In order to get to that point you should take the new Hatyai road and turn left at the T junction at the end onto route 4/AH2 for about 1.3k then turn right at the next big intersection onto the 4267 (or according to the map, 4067) signposted to Satun and Ton Na Chang Waterfall. 
  • Follow that road for about 9k then turn left onto the 4026 signposted to Ton Na Chang Waterfall and follow that road for 10.4k...
  • ...then turn left at the hash sign onto the 5017 (or according to Google Maps 5071)....  
  • ...then just follow the map and look for the hash signs...
  • ...don't be phased by the rest of the distances, they assume that you zero your trip-meter at the 4026 turn off so the run site is actually only about another 7.5k from the first hash sign.
  • The final approach to the run site may be challenging for lesser vehicles so if you think your vehicle may be challenged give someone a call at the final hash sign and transport can be arranged.
  • If you are going to stay the night, as far as is known there isn't any accommodation provided so a tent is highly advisable! 
  • But all are welcome and if you fancy joining the run just turn up and pay 60 Baht...we hope!
Any questions?

It also seems likely that there will be a regular HH3 run on Sunday June 24, with the location yet to be confirmed (although when last heard it was a toss up between the football field at Tung Ngai and that at Nern Pijit. More details on Saturday or they will be posted here later.

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