Monday, June 18, 2018

It never rains....

...but it pours! HH3's run yesterday was held in conditions that would have been more appropriate for Manchester, or Melbourne maybe, as the temperature plummeted to the low 20's and the rain fell like... well like rain.

Half an our before the advertised start it was so heavy that the run site had to be moved onto the concrete football pitch and that move and the usual need to wait for still more runners delayed the start to almost 4:30, much to the concern of the hares. But all was well and probably because everybody knew more or less where they were going to be going, most of both the short and long runners were at the beer stop in about an hour, in good time to be able to get back to the run site before dark.

The known exception at that stage was Mr. Bean/Beanie so the hares set off in the Egg-truck in search, finding him almost back at the half way point standing by the side of the track looking confused and mumbling incoherently (ok, he was speaking Thai!) about four more people, who turned out to be not long runners as would be expected, but short runners, including Sexy Cop who had been reported to be safely back at the run site and Sagai who had apparently baulked at the hill and decided that as the long run was not going up it, they should follow that, little suspecting that the cunning hares were just delaying the inevitable climb. All five were loaded onto the back of the truck and transported back to a very damp run site.

For the record, the long run was 8.1k or 9k with the F's and the single X and ascended 279 meters in total getting up to 222m. The short run had a bit less ascent but still maxed at 209m at the beer stop and covered about 5.7k all in including a couple of the F's.

The evening ended with Ban Sai Kao's ditches (yes, Ditches) claiming another victim as Inchdick, possibly because he had former victim, Lady of the Lamp sitting in his truck, managed to get bogged down just north of the run site, eventually being pulled clear by the Egg-truck after some Heath-Robinsonesque methods employing rocks, planks of wood and a jack managed to free the vehicle from its bog. But once again the good people of Ban Sai Kao turned out to help as they have done on at least one occasion before.

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