Sunday, May 6, 2018

The almost non-return of the GM

After travelling halfway around the world to be with us at the hash on Saturday, and cancelling an important prior engagement, our GM was forgotten by our anonymous front runner (SS, no not the one in Blighty), and left waiting at the door at her home in Hatyai. Jumping on her steed and racing to be at the circle for the start of the run, meanwhile being rescued and escorted to the runsite by YS, our beloved GM, All Black, made a tumultuous return, to once again lead the flock through the valleys of horror.
Well actually more like the horrible hills, if one was to listen to the complaints of the back-checked long (& short) runners.
The long run was in fact only 4.8km long and only a mere 175m in ascent, so it should have been one of the easiest runs of the year. Admittedly there were the 3 check-backs & 7 false trails which may have added a little bit to the length, if anyone, and quite a few of the long runners did, venture down, or up, most of them. Luckily due to the tight confines of the surrounding hills, no-one was lost and everyone returned to the runsite for a rather long & boisterous circle.

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