Saturday, May 12, 2018

No Frills

With only time for a single recce and a late decision to set on Friday afternoon instead of Saturday, there was every chance that 1923 would be a disaster. But it all turned out ok with the modestly large pack following Sex Sprinter round for most of the way  before he disappeared off into short-cut land managing to rejoin the pack just as it began the final descent back to the runsite. All up, the long run was 7k including the generous X at the furthest point of the run which caught Stick Insect and had most of the long runners back together before the real ascent of the hill after 360 7. First home was SI as SS moved over to let him lead the pack home in 1 hr 12 mins, well after most of the short run were home from their 3.8k. The long run ascended 270m with the maximum just over 160m while the shout run ascended about half that to the same maximum height. Heartfelt pleas for shorter circles were heeded and everything was done and dusted by 7:00 p.m., so fast in fact that Palm Job was away and homeward bound before R2D2 could even politely inquire after a lift home. Meanwhile, Egghead slunk home for a well-earned break from haring duties... NOT! He's the hare next week!

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