Wednesday, June 21, 2017

The monster in your....future.

...don't tell anyone, but there's a monster in your future!

Yes, it's Beavershot's birthday again coinciding as it does magically every year with the longest day of the year and this week's run therefore qualifies as the annual mid-summer monster. Not that Beaver is actually stating categorically that it will be a monster, but there are hints, just hints that the run might be a bit longer than your average run.

Details are:
Songkhla Hash House Harriers' Run #1879, Saturday June 24th, 4:30 p.m.
Hare: Beavershot
Misdirections: Take the old Hatyai road for 4.7k and turn left for 8k. Turn right at Wat Khao Kloi into Punnakan Road. Go 800m and turn left. After 200m turn right and then carry on for 800m to the runsite, just after the road turns to dirt. Approximate coordinates are: N 7.019300, E 100. 569000. From Hatyai take Punnakan for about 10k and turn left at the hash sign then follow the directions above. [GPS: 7°1'7.27" 7.0186861N 100°34'18.50" 100.5718056E]

By coincidence, Sex Printer is setting the HH3 run on Sunday from a run site not a million miles away; well in fact about 4k away down Punnakan in the road before the turning immediately before Wat Tung Ngai as shown in the map below. The turn off is about 4.8k down from Wat Khow Kloi  or about 6.2k up from the junction of Punnakan with Kanjanawanit road if you are coming from Hatyai. 

News of a couple of parties: Throbbin' Hood and Just In Not Yet are also celebrating birthdays about now and are throwing an 'event' on Saturday which sadly clashes with the SH3 run, starting as it does at 3:00 p.m. But they should still be eventing when the hash packs up so let's try and make it along for a celebratory beer.

And a head's up that next week, Eightball will be doing his 60th birthday thing on Friday 30th June at his house on Ko Yo, neatly avoiding clashing with the hash, but more than likely wiping out this month's quiz night. Three line whip on that one guys! More news  about that one and a helpful map during next week.


  1. The one monster I can promise is a monster of a garbage dump, right across the trail from the site I used here last time. So I suggest we do it 100m or so closer to Punnakan, as per the above misdirections. Parking won't be as easy as at the other site but unless we have a big turnout shouldn't be a problem. And Throbbin' and Just In, come on! Delay your party a bit!

  2. On second thought I think the best place to park is about 150m beyond the rubbish dump (you'll see it on your left). New distance reflected in misdirections above.

  3. Bit late for second thoughts! How long is it going to be before you join the messenger group?