Saturday, June 10, 2017

1877: accidentally ok.

Getting the history straight, 1877 was originally down to be set by Egghead but was later shifted to Sex Sprinter then subsequently taken on by Throbbin' Hood who sadly got ill and couldn't set it. So into the breach stepped... Harram! (Ok, Egghead as well) who at short notice found a half decent run site close to the briar patch originally advertised and set an ok run, which, without anything hill-like hit a high spot of only 38m with a total ascent of 55m in a long run of under 7k which barely reached 8k with all the (5) Fs and (2) Xs added in, and took about 1 hr 10 mins to complete, and a short run of 3.7k which took a surprisingly long 55 minutes.
But the real drama was Egghead dropping his car key on the run, thus negating the beer stop cunningly located at the last check. Happily Frozen Nuts was on hand to pick it up but was then unable to make the connection between the key he had found and the locked pick-up at the beer stop. which meant that the drinking of the beer locked within was somewhat delayed. The GM was however made of sterner stuff and as the short run and then the long run gave up on the beer. she waited patiently until the hare had been reunited with his key and with the aid of Little Tool had been restored to the Egg truck and liberated the beer..


  1. Harram, my butt! Tell you what, next two runs it's her vs. me. She sets one, by herself, and then I do the next one. You be the judge.

    (I know, I'm commenting on this within a few minutes of when it was posted. Just by chance. It's not like I have a life or anything else to do. Really, believe me.)

  2. The phrase "Red rag to a bull" leaps to mind! Tee hee hee hee! And I thought you were an animal lover (in the nicest possible way)

  3. Yes, I knew you were winding me up but someone has to speak out against this travesty. And I do love animals, but you're only encouraging her in her belief that she's actually not a dog but a person.