Monday, July 11, 2016

#HH3 run? On After

After a brilliant run and boozy circle, was last to leave the run site (as usual) and, to one's ecstatic pleasure, discovered one had a flat tyre. After failing to find a mechanic in the nearby village (at whatsaname crossroads), headed back towards Songkhka and stopped at a roadside shop with many locals in evidence. They proceeded to wine me, dine me and repair my machine over the course of a couple of hours or so, with all attempts at payment respectfully refused. Wonderful people and a truly humbling experience that I will never forget.

The only slight downer to the day was an obligatory anti-British diatribe in the Office later on courtesy of the Dane and le Frenchy (putting our supposed 'advanced' social tendency well into perspective), but which made France's loss of the euro's, Hamilton's Grand Prix win, the recent Tour de France successes and Murray's Wimbledon all the more sweet!

... and woke up in the bath this morning wearing one sock, so all is well.

On on!


  1. Yeah, I've had at least 2 similar experiences and I think most of us have been rescued by Southern Thais at some time or other. They truly are the most generous bunch of people you could hope to meet. Imagine having the same problem in the UK - people wouldn't even look at you let alone help!

    1. Twice for me too. First was the guy who rescued me from the wasps, which might have saved my useless life if I'd had an allergic reaction. Second was this one. Humbling is right.

  2. Yes, I remember that one; not fun getting hopelessly lost out there.

    Regards UK, if you rode into a bunch of fellas drinking of a night (in a comparable setting, say, the Forest of Dean), you would either be roughed up, told to pee off, or at the very least motioned down the road to find help elsewhere while they proceeded to take the mick.

    These fellas broke off from their meal and beer to drive off and shop for a new inner tube, while another team headed off in the other direction to get some tools. Combo of rubber farmers, mechanics and a BB bank clerk. I shall return the favour on the way back from a Poonakan hash. ;)