Sunday, June 19, 2016

SH3 Run #1827

I hope it didn't feel as boringly circular as it looks here.
This one basically just went around the small but steep hill that lies above Thung Yai. Distance was about 7.9km including false trails and checkbacks. From the runsite at 75m ASL it went up to a high point of only 162m for just over 200m total ascent. If instead of going around the hill we had gone over it, as was the original plan, it would have been well over twice that. But we'll save that one for a training run just before the Vietnam Mountain Marathon (details coming shortly).


  1. Good run, Beavo (some killer checks), and thanks for not including da mountain. ;)

  2. In early Sept or so I do want to do one that approximates the VMM 10km, i.e. 10km long with 500m of ascent. But probably include a medium run for the non-fanatics.

  3. Great run Beaver, and great job by our On Sec in stepping up to run the circle in the absence of our elected GM.