Sunday, June 5, 2016

Scum scoop: today's run!

A grab shot of the hare's GPS track for today's run, which by the way is not on Baan Nai Rai, but down the Khuan Samrut Maditation Center road (from Songkhla: left just before Wat Thung Ngai, go 4km, turn right and go 2km).

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  1. Great to see that HH3 hares are now GPS-aware, but they seem to have skipped an evolutionary stage in their development. Not sure how we get this message across to HH3 diplomatically but it would be a really really good idea if they could find a way of getting their directions to us in a form that obviates the need for us to keep reformulating them. Even with the hare at hand yesterday, the final version of the directions was sent out incorrect!