Thursday, August 23, 2012

Posted on behalf of [REDACTED]

This adorable illustration for this weekend's runs comes from [REDACTED], a veteran hasher who is having problems posting photos on his own. Now I can't be sure exactly what the problem is, since as all-powerful website administrator, I get different menus than you do. But in theory you should be able to simply click on the button on the upper right of the screen (?) for "new post". (On my menu it's a little orange pencil.) You will then see a row of icons across the top, one of which is a little picture in a frame. Click on that and you should be able to add your own photo, drawing, or even video. Egghead does it* at least once a week and as far as I know he has no special privileges. And as always, if you're not yet an Online Scum contributor, leave a comment here and we'll make you one. You will become part of a select few, and your life will take on new meaning and significance.

*Posting photos, that is. These days he's also setting a run pretty much once (or twice) a week too, which is lucky for us but probably not optimal for him.


  1. Er, Beaver, we've told you before.....stop talking about your little orange pencil!!!!

    On ON!

  2. But thanks for the info re posting photos, I'm becoming a technology dinosaur, now I need a stamp to post this....