Sunday, August 26, 2012

Great run in Songkhla; not many people did it.

But those hardy few who did ran for upwards of an hour with about 10 minutes covering the half dozen human runners on the long run and the span on the short run extending upwards to about and hour 40 to allow the whole Softy-Temp family including doggies to negotiate the 4.5k short run. The Long run was, for the record 6.1k nett, hit a maximum elevation of 175m and encompassed probably the best view we have seen for a while, which no one had a camera to record. Highlight of the afternoon was undoubtedly the live doggie-style sex that followed the run as Fu Fu finally got a good seeing-to courtesy of Alex the Chihuahua, who stuck to the job manfully despite some ribald comments from the crowd. Not sure about Fu Fu's status on the fertility front (i.e. whether her wedding tackle has already suffered the fate of Beaver's) but if there are to be puppies, better get your request in now as they are likely to be great Hash dogs!

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