Monday, July 18, 2011

Wound-lickin' good!

Just what was needed after Saturday's pussy monster. 9k'ish for the long run and 5k for the short run laid live by the exhausted hare who was caught on several occasions by the pack, and who at one point had to have first aid rendered to him by front runners, Sagai and 4-wheel after he slipped down a bank and gashed his elbow.

The long run looked likely to claim two victims as well, as two almost-virgins wandered beyond the confines of the short run and 2 hours later had not been seen or heard of since. Happily they had done the sensible thing and when the paper ran out at the unbroken 3rd check, turned round and followed it homewards, being located and 'rescued' by Nicheow as the search parties were just being organised.

Sex Ao Ao alias Mongolian Fuckrat was home first in about 1h 13m but it was almost 2 hours before all the runners drifted in. Knackerwurst (a.k.a. I want my wife) meritoriously completed the short run in about one and a half hours accompanied by a team of nurses who mopped his brow as he sprang lightly across... etc. Only a Yolk, disguised as Moo Sahb, evaded being iced for a completely gratuitous short cut with Sexy Girl which had them scrambling down rocky cliffs instead of enjoying the verdant orchards on the descent. Praise for the run was muted, possibly because none of the beer stops materialised.

But next week it will all be different, as Beavershot and Nicheow respectively explore the verdant pastures of Poonakan from opposite ends on Saturday and Sunday. More details later in the week when the pain has become a distant throb.

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  1. I meant to praise this run, I really did, but I think I was still in anaerobic shock. Somebody needs to slow Fuckrat down.