Monday, May 24, 2010

Gan Yao's first Singapore Sunday Hash run

did not go to plan, now, I'm used to this (cause I've run with Songkhla and thats' part of the fun) but this was a big time surprise. I drove to one of the reservoirs and saw a goup of hashers milling around a beer wagon. (Thinks .......'Beer wagon this looks OK')

Seemed like a good group of people, the grand master called on on and we trotted towards the nearby treeline, however, a group of 'men in grey' with ID cards hung round their necks leapt in front of us and said 'you cant go in there', when we asked why, their leader shouted 'dont talk to them, take their photographs' and one of his underlings did just that.

The grand master then asked politely what the problem was and we were told that we were not allowed to leave flour or paper in the forest as it upset the ecology, and then this little dickhead insisted that the hares walk around their trail, pick up the paper and WASH ANY FLOUR OFF THE TREES (apparently they mark the trees by pressing flour into the bark).

I could'nt take any more of this and just started to laugh and laugh and laugh. The grand master suggested , with a straight face that all 30 of us could pick up the paper and wash the trees alot faster, especially if we ran round, thus minismising any ecological damage, but the little ponce of a beurocrat saw through this and said it must only be five people.

Apparently some runners had left huge amounts of paper in some forest reserve and this minor official has taken it upon himself to banish the hash. A meeting has been arranged to sort this out and so hopefully the hash wiull be allowed to run in the forest again.

No problem, we ran around the reservoir and retired to the beer truck and Im still laughing and laughing at the idea of hares washing flour off the trees.

On On (if we are allowed to!!)

Gan Yao

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  1. Quick, you better inform Wired magazine! They seem to think that flour is OK in Singapore but in the U.S. it's anthrax. (But then they also think it's the "Horse Hash Harriers")