Tuesday, November 5, 2019

Songkhla H3 2000...

from this:

to this: 

in 100 easy stages.

Remember October 2017? When SH3's very existence seemed to be in doubt and the only person confident about it was Sex Sprinter who was looking forward to run 19000? Ok, so we are not quite there yet, but SH3 has reached the milestone of its 2000th run with some aplomb, thanks to a combination of solid support from our traditional runners and the invaluable support of HH3, who have made sure that there is life in the old bull yet.

Saturday's milestone will be celebrated with a special run followed by a party at the Thung Jaeng Restaurant on the new Yala road (7°05'12.7"N 100°37'24.1"E or click here for Google Maps' pin). The runs are slated to start at 3:30 p.m: the long run will be set by Buck, Egghead and Lot Rakaa and will be an A-B, with the transport leaving Thung Jaeng at about that time. The short run will start and finish at Thung Jaeng and will be set by Sex Sprinter, Buk Toy and Only a Yolk, so the start will be a little later than that to accommodate any late arrivals. Both runs will feature sponsored beer stops: the short run by HH3 and the long run by the Full Moon Hash.

The circle will follow the end of the two runs with dinner timed at 6:30 and there will be facilities available to take a shower provided by the restaurant. Then it's party-party-party! With karaoke and party games and all the beer you can drink. 

If you haven't already registered then you can do so on the day, but at this stage the chances of getting your choice of T shirt are pretty slim as we are already almost at the 150 cap which was declared for registrations. We will do our best to accommodate late regos but it may take us a while! Meanwhile those who have registered include all your favorite hashers from SH3 and HH3 plus a generous contingent of runners from other chapters in Thailand and overseas and some SH3 runners from way back when, with whom to renew old friendships. 

One more word about Saturday's run. As things stand there will be no transport from the Hot Bread Shop to the runsite as both the Beer Truck Driver and the Beer Butch will be going to Thung Jaeng early and not via the HBS. So could anyone who needs transport to the runsite from Songkhla please add a comment to this post or let Egghead know in advance and we will get something organised.

Sunday's HH3 run details will no doubt emerge in due course and will be posted here later. 

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