Saturday, April 14, 2018

1920: the run that ate Mrs. Garmin

RIP GPS: Mrs' Garmin who narrowly avoided being drowned just down the road at HH3 last year, and has not been feeling herself ever since has tracked her last satellite, refusing to perform on Saturday morning for the short run (green) which is therefore an "artist's impression" of where the middle section of the 3.6k went. The long run (cerise) is however Mrs. G's swansong and was accurate enough to detect the fact that the run just barely impinged on Yardo territory after the 3rd F, but otherwise did not cross his trails from recent runs. She logged the whole run at 8.6k but Google Earth lopped 10% off that and without  the 8 F's the distance was under 7k with a total ascent of about 200m, topping out at that 3rd F at 106m.
A strong turnout from our HH3 buddies and a couple of surprise returnees kept us over the 30 mark for the third week in a row but there will be no run next week in view of the the HH3 outstation run.

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